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Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Lopez

Daniel became an HSC scholar in the Fall of 2011. He earned his undergraduate degree in Advertising and Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin in 2015. His goal with his degree was to become a copywriter and work in the advertising industry and succeed in doing so by using his bilingual skills.

After graduating, Daniel reflected on his experiences in trying to figure out what it was he wanted to do in his career. After very successful interviews, Daniel received his employment with Capital IDEA. This job means a lot to him because as a non-traditional student himself, he felt a connection with the mission of Capital IDEA, which centers around providing opportunities to non-traditional students. He has been there for three years now and really enjoys what he does.

As a scholar, Daniel identified as being a big introvert and didn't look forward to socializing events. However, he now attributes his success to having networked at HSC events:

"I now realize how important they were and they also helped me be more comfortable in these types of events, of which there are plenty in the professional world."

He is also grateful for the help he received from his scholarship sponsor:

"The mentoring and tutoring I received from my own sponsor were priceless when things were tough."

Daniel believes in making small but strong impacts in his community. At his job, he feels great when he awards students with scholarships; he feels proud of the work he does and it gives him strength to keep going. In addition, Daniel hopes to make a positive impact on the environment by playing some kind of role in helping reduce carbon emissions.

Daniel's advice for success is to the point: be comfortable with being uncomfortable (especially for introverts). Luckily, it worked out for him!


We look forward to seeing what Daniel continues to accomplish!

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