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Alumni Spotlight: Ana Vega

Ana joined HSC as a scholar in the Fall of 2011. She graduated in 2016 from the University of Texas at Austin, where she studied and completed her Bachelor's degree in Bilingual Education. With this major, she hoped to be able to help mold and inspire coming generations of bilingual and bicultural students in the U.S.

Ana is already an inspiration to many students as a first grade bilingual teacher at Allison Elementary School in Austin. As a teacher there, she is quite busy and often doesn't get time to herself. In her vary scarce free time, she likes to read.

Ana says the following about how HSC helped her prepare for her career:

"To be a successful teacher, one needs to be empathetic enough to be able to understand the experiences of the students, but also assertive enough to advocate for those students. I believe that through the many Leadership Conferences I attended, HSC helped me become a more assertive and confident person. At the Leadership Conferences I was introduced to many successful individuals and encouraged to network, which helped me develop my confidence."

At the moment, Ana feels that she is exactly where she needs to be. However, in the future she hopes to go on to get a Masters degree or a PhD in Educational Policy.


We look forward to seeing what Ana continues to accomplish!

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