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Alumni Spotlight: Micaela Roybal

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

UT - Austin graduate Micaela joined HSC in 2015. Upon graduation from the Cockrell School of Engineering, Micaela became a part of the 3-person WSP Austin Bridge Group; she currently serves as the only woman on the team so far. Micaela is also working as an Assistant Consultant with an upcoming role as a Bridge Design EIT. Her responsibilities include designing bridge superstructures, substructures, drawing bridges on microstation, and quality checking structure plans.

When remembering her time as a college student, Micaela recalls having made the most of college career by having built relationships with the people and friends she met. For her, sharing experiences

with them is something she will always cherish.

After college, Micaela noticed the transition from full-time student to working full-time was difficult. Once she developed a new routine of not being a student, Micaela found herself taking time to be able to meet with friends and spend time for herself. For the future, Micaela envisions herself staying within her firm and building her skills/experience. She does see herself one day attending graduate school, but for now she is rolling with the punches of life and trusting in God’s plan for her life.

Advice she has for HSC scholars is to “write down what you are passionate about, what you are good at, and what you would like to improve on, and then look at what you've written down every day so that you are able to work on your goals and be reminded daily of what you are working towards.” For Micaela, these words to follow remind her to take things one day at a time and remember that everything doesn’t have to be figured out right away. She also shares for scholars to know to be grateful every day and not take their undergrad years for granted.


We look forward to seeing what Micaela continues to accomplish!

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