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The Hispanic Scholarship Consortium (HSC) supports Latino students earn their degrees. On top of financial support, HSC supports its students through college graduation with a network of support including leadership development, networking opportunities, assistance with job/internship placement, and mentoring relationships. With 86% of recipients being first-generation college graduates, many of our students graduate stating the support services were of greater value than the scholarship.

You can help HSC make selections by serving as a volunteer reviewer. All reviews take place virtually and on your own time. The review period is from May 6th to May 29th. Reviewers are assigned ~15 applications which can take up to 5 hours to review. Reviews can be completed at once or over a period of time. HSC provides reviewers with a log-in, a scoring rubric, and detailed instructions for reviewing.

Last year, HSC received over 850 applications. Each application is independently reviewed and scored three times on the set criteria. So that's over 2.5k reviews that took place last year and we expect similar numbers for this year! Your time is greatly appreciated.

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About Us

The Hispanic Scholarship Consortium is a vibrant collective impact entity focused on providing Latino scholars with access to higher education, academic success, professional experience, and a network of support. Through the help of our consortium members, partners, and alumni, we provide additional support to ensure scholars are set up for future success in their academics and in their careers. Read more about our impact...

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