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4 HBAA Law School Student Scholars to Watch

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

About HBAA

HBAA (The Hispanic Bar Association of Austin) is "an organization of Latino lawyers who volunteer their time and energy towards the betterment of the Hispanic community in central Texas." It is an affiliate of the Mexican-American Bar Association of Texas as well as the Hispanic National Bar Association. Prior to being founded as HBAA in 1995, the organization was the Capital Area Mexican-American Lawyers (CAMAL). The organization is made up of members of the legal profession, which includes law students, local attorneys, government officials, law professors, legislators, judges, and lobbyists. Other members of the legal profession are also welcomed to join the organization. HBAA's mission statement is:

"To foster and encourage the involvement and interest of the Hispanic-American legal professional community in civic, professional, social, educational, charitable, governmental, and non-partisan political issues with a goal toward the betterment and enhancement of all members of the organization and the Austin area Hispanic community."

The Scholars

The following are four law school students awarded scholarships by the HBAA Foundation. Additionally, the HBAA Foundation awarded scholarships to 3 undergraduate students.

Lucie Arvallo

Lucie is in her third year of law school at St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio, Texas. Throughout her law school experience, Lucie has succeeded academically and has proved her hard work in order to achieve her goals. In addition to her hard academic work, she has volunteered with her university to help feed the homeless at the St. Mary's Wellness Resource Outreach center.

Trevor Vega

Trevor is in his third year of law school at the University of Texas School of Law, where he has proved to be an outstanding student. His first year he finished in the top 25% of his class, and he continued that trend by finishing his second year with a high GPA. In the summer, Trevor volunteered with Woolson Real Estate, helping families that still needed assistance after the horrible effects of Hurricane Harvey by cleaning yards and providing families with clothes and other items.

Nathan Salazar

Nathan is in his third year of law school at the Michigan State College of Law, where he has been working diligently to earn high marks. In the last school year, Nathan mentored and assisted a high school student regarding his college applications at Sidney Lanier High School in San Antonio, Texas.

Liz Moreno

Liz is in her third year of law school at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, where she has been able to volunteer and thrive academically. During the spring semester, she volunteered once a week at Talcott Elementary by reading to 3rd graders. On campus at the School of Law, she is participating in the Juvenile Justice Clinic, serving as a 3L representative in the Student Bar Association.


We cannot wait to see these bright students graduate in May 2019.

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