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Establish a Scholarship

Creating a scholarship with HSC is an easy way to support Latinos in pursuit of a degree.


You can choose to support a specific region, major, university, or type of student to support. We will market the scholarship, collect applications, identify/select the top candidates, administer funds, and provide ongoing support for your recipients. You can be as involved in the process as you like.

Why host with HSC?

  1. We are a network of support. Through the help of our consortium members, partners, and alumni, we provide additional support to ensure they are set up for future success in their academics and in their careers.

  2. We connect our students with one another. Education is vital to success, but we also recognize the value of social capital. By connecting our students, recipients grow their social capital and recognize how they can be a resource for one another.

  3. We host two annual conferences for all recipients. At our conferences, we provide supplemental education for students around academic success, Latino identity, community service, and career-readiness.

  4. We get to know your recipients. Through regular check-ins, we understand the individual needs & goals of all of our recipients. We provide this information to you twice a year in a digestible scholar update.

HSC Incentive Funds

HSC has learned students are more likely to graduate when supported with renewable scholarships and professional mentors & opportunities. To encourage this level of support, HSC will provide additional scholarship dollars to consortium members that agree to:

  • Select scholars exclusively through the HSC common scholarship application;

  • Renew funding for each scholarship recipient until the student’s graduation from college;

  • Support each scholarship recipient with professional mentors & employment opportunities as requested by the recipient.


Learn more about establishing a scholarship by contacting Ashley Alaniz-Moyer at

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