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Mentoring an HSC Scholar

In the Spring of 2016, the HSC Alumni Association (HSCAA) launched a mentoring program. HSC Alumni can give back to HSC by simply giving an hour of their time each month to support a current HSC Scholar.


Ideal Mentors will:

  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and strong work ethic; 

  • Have a desire to assist students with their personal and academic adjustment to college by helping students acquire and improve study and time management skills, demonstrating the importance of campus and community involvement, serving as a sounding board for personal decision making, improving communication and conflict resolution skills, and participating in identity exploration discussions; 

  • Display a high level of professionalism; 

  • Express a high energy level and enthusiasm when working with mentees; and  Submit a resume in addition to the application below.


Program Requirements

  • Attend Mentor Training at the beginning of each academic year (training will take place at HSC headquarters – out of state mentors must attend via conference call) 

  • Commit to meet with mentee at least once a month throughout the academic year. Mentors who are located in the same city as their mentee should commit to meeting in person. 

  • Encourage students to attend study groups, speak with professors about coursework, and engage in additional activities to support their growth. 

  • Communicate with HSCAA President on a monthly basis to provide information and updates 

  • Complete program evaluation surveys at the end of each semester to reflect upon experiences and provide HSCAA with feedback.



Apply to be a mentor today! 


Want to learn more about how to be a mentor? Give us your contact information and we'll get in contact.






















**Mentor program applications give preference to HSC Alumni. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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