The Hispanic Scholarship Consortium (HSC) opens gateways so students can reach their full potential. By eliminating traditional barriers to higher education and professional success, HSC cultivates leaders ready to meet our community’s most critical needs.

What began as a small collaborative committed to scholarship is now a synergistic organization focused on the academic, leadership, professional and philanthropic development of Central Texas youth with scholarship as a point of entry and source of ongoing support.

To ensure best student outcomes, the greatest return on investment and proper stewardship of donor dollars, HSC provides each awarded scholar with a cadre of persistence services including case management, mentoring, leadership development, professional training, apprenticeship/internship opportunities, community service and philanthropic involvement. This level of engagement builds upon the renewable financial assistance and better secures degree attainment and workforce readiness.

HSC does not work in isolation. Through collaborations with member organizations, benefactors, professional groups, colleges, universities and dedicated individuals, HSC provides its students with an array of possibilities that would otherwise be unavailable.